ArtCPAclub Founders Collection


Founders Coin Minting Collection is the first and most powerful in our ecosystem with a total supply of 5000 NFTs. The Founder Coin NFT is a special representation within the community for the first backers of the ArtCPAclub project. Owners have the best seat within our ecosystem. To paraphrase someone Founders Coin NFT is “First citizen” in our community.

NFTs can be minted using EGLD here: Mint

No minting limit.

Owning one NFT from Founders collection gives you a wide range of benefits📜

  • A special staking pool designed just for Founders Coin NFT holders with the best APR in all ecosystem;
  • Early access to events in our ecosystem;
  • Airdrops;
  • Raffle;

The minting takes place in 11 batches, and at the end of every batch, a raffle takes place where 3 winners share a healthy reward 💰

All the NFTs minted participate in every raffle.

Minting milestones are as follows📜

  • 200 minted
  • 500 minted
  • 1000 minted
  • 1500 minted
  • 2000 minted
  • 2500 minted
  • 3000 minted
  • 3500 minted
  • 4000 minted
  • 4500 minted
  • 5000 minted


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