Dolphin FLIPY


FLIPY dedicated socials:

After close consideration and analysis, $FLIPY decided to launch on the MemeversX 🐬

We will be the front-runner on a new platform built by a reputable team specifically for meme culture💎

The Dolphin token is a product of ArtCPAclub, providing investment confidence. Join our subscription to reach 250 EGLD. When 250 EGLD is reached the fundraising stops.

FLIPY meme token is designed to be 100% community token.
Not an ArtCPAclub token, we are just bringing together a meme-loving community in MultiversX.

Owned by the community, driven by the community 💎
A true community meme 🔥

What does that mean?

  • Launched through MememversX🚀
  • Listed on xExchange 💎
  • LP burned🔥
  • Owned by the holders of FLIPY (ArtCPAclub will only help with expertise and listings for liquidity)
  • FLIPY holders decide entirely through DAO vote the direction and actions taken.
  • A true community token with 100% of the supply in the hands of the community.
  • No team allocation or project allocation.
  • Only FLIPY holders can propose and vote.


  • Token price: 1,428,800 FLIPY/EGLD
  • Token Supply: 714,400,000

Official Launch

  • Monday 8th of April
  • First come first served basis.
  • If the 250 EGLD target is not reached all funds will be returned.

How it works

  • Subscription opened until 250 EGLD are raised.
  • Use EGLD to participate.
  • Maximum 5 EGLD/address

Token allocation

  • 357,200,000 FLIPY (50% of the total supply)will be distributed proportionally to the fundraising contributors who provide EGLD for the initial LP.
  • The remaining 357,200,000 $FLIPY (50% of the total supply) will be added to liquidity alongside the initial 250 EGLD raised.


EGLD raised will be used to list $FLIPY on :

  •  xExchange: 357,200,000 FLIPY /250 EGLD ~ maximum 24h after fundraising closed

LP will be burned after listing

Participants will receive their FLIPY tokens, and the listing will follow shortly on xExchange.