CPA Validator on Midas Chain ~ Live now

Link to mint Validator

Due to our partnership with Demiourgos Holdings, we managed to secure a significant number of Validators on the Midas chain which will allow us to run the biggest Staking Agency on the chain 💎

With that in mind, we launched a new Validator collection to accumulate more stake in Midas while still at a 50% discount.

Join us and be part of our journey on the Midas Chain 🤝

Collection details ⤵

For you to do⤵

  • Mint
  • Hold in your wallet

For us to do ⤵

  • Run all operational activities
  • Airdrop your share of profits

How it works?

Minting at least 1 SFT from the Validator collection entitles you to a share of the profits/rewards brought in by running a Validator on the Midas chain. We take care of all running costs and operational costs and we airdrop to your wallet the profits made accordingly to your holdings. More SFTs secure a bigger share of the bag 💰

Tokenomics ⤵

  • 80% of the profits go to holders 💥
  • 20% of the profits go to our treasury 🤝
Mint Link for Validator on Midas

Join us and be part of a strong community-centered ecosystem.

Let’s 🛠 a better future together 🙌