GuardiansOfTheRealm NFT Collection

By Peter Orojan

~Fox Spirit God ~
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GuardiansOfTheRealm collection is designed by Orojan Peter and at completion will have 100 NFTs + 10 specials dedicated to our Founders Coin NFT owners. GuardiansOfTheRealm collection will have 10 types of humanoid creatures. Every creature will have 10 different iterations, different accessories, and complex designs. Each type of creature will start with basic characteristics and advance to more complex ones. The collection is created exclusively for ArtCPAclub and we are proud to have Peter dedicating time to our community bringing these amazing masterpieces to life.

Every single NFT in this collection is unique and hand-drawn individually by Peter. At completion, we will choose one of the 10 sets and dedicate an entire collection to it. The owners of the original set will receive royalties from the entire collection.


  • Collectible;
  • Dedicated staking pool at completion;
  • Trade

Collection royalties 10%

GuardiansOfTheRealm collection on secondary markets:

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