Peter Orojan the magician behind GuardiansOfTheRealm collection

Peter Orojan is the gem we found in the beautiful country of Romania. The first masterpiece born from our cooperation is GuardiansOfTheRealm collection, this amazing collection made us proud of the decision to start working together.

Romanian-born, Peter Orojan has always been an artist at heart. Starting from a young age he realized that drawing brings him happiness and a sense of accomplishment. Meeting two brothers in Germany where Peter spent his summer holidays was the spark that ignited the fire of creation which is burning today as strongly as it was in his childhood.

Since I met Peter I always carry with me one of his quotes: “Life can be hard sometimes but drawing, painting, and inventing new worlds, creatures, monsters … has a therapeutic effect on me

His day-to-day job of dental technician can be challenging and overwhelming as he describes it but that doesn’t stop him from drawing ideas whenever he has a bit of spare time.

When asked what are his dreams in regard to his talents as an artist, Peter told us that his biggest dream is to invent his own fantasy world and start writing and illustrating his own book.

The very first piece done by Peter for us was “Berserker” on May 28, 2022. Since then he managed to bring to light 20 masterpieces and we expect another 90 of his amazing creations to delight our community and hopefully one day the planet 🌍

All masterpieces brought to light by Peter for us can be found here