NFT & Token Raffle

We Proudly present our ultimate community raffle powered by MultiversX blockchain.

Link to the raffle:

Having community in mind we decided to launch this simple game. Amateurs of big gains can try their luck without purchasing tickets.

Holders of ArtCPAclubX, Founders, and CPA_Golden collections have 50% discount on joining fees.

Raffle explained:

  • 100% Decentralized;
  • Anyone can participate;
  • Use your assets to enter NFT & ESDT;
  • The chance to win is automatically calculated and shown by a smart contract;
  • The winner is chosen by smart contract;
  • As assets are added the prize pool grows;
  • One winner takes all;
  • Winnings are transferred automatically to the winner by smart contract;
  • No intervention from us;
  • NFTs value are calculated at the floor price on marketplaces;
  • ESDT value is calculated at the price shown on XExchange;
  • Maximum entry 100$;
  • When the number of entries is met the Smart Contract chooses a winner πŸ’°;
  • Even though your chance increases when you place more bets, this doesn’t guarantee your win.

We sincerely hope you enjoy playing and win 🎁

NFT or SFT accepted
ESDT accepted
Assets are shown in real time
Real-time statistics
Winners history

May the Goddess of Luck be on your side🎁