Goddess NFT Collection ~ Sold Out

~Goddess Sneak Peek~

We are proud to present to you our Goddess collection to be launched on the MultiversX blockchain.

Whitelisted minting date ~ 31/03/2023

Whitelisted minting price ~0.65 EGLD

  • Whitelisted addresses will have the possibility to mint with CPA, VEGLD, EGLD
    • 31/03 at 10:00 UTC ~Minting with CPA, Max mint per wallet 10 NFTs
    • 31/03 at 19:00 UTC ~Minting with VEGLD, Max mint per wallet 10 NFTs
    • 01/04 at 10:00 UTC ~Minting with EGLD, Max mint per wallet 10 NFTs

Public mint date~ 02/04/2023, Max mint per wallet 50 NFTs

Public mint price ~ 0.85 EGLD

A totally different concept was brought to us by a new artist that we onboarded recently. Fresh blood, new ideas, and amazing graphics make this new collection the next step in our project development.

That being said we present you Goddess NFT Collection by Spawny💥

Goddess is a collection of 601 NFTs living on the MultiversX blockchain and they are here to take over the world and rule by building their own Empire.

The NFT ranks will be divided in this order:

  • Rank 1 ~ Pharaoh ~ only 4
  • Rank 2 ~ Queen ~ 45 in total
  • Rank 3 ~ Princess ~ 94 in total
  • Rank 4 ~ Leaders ~ 28 in total
  • Rank 5 ~ Mind Hunter ~ 9 in total
  • Rank 6 ~ Path Finder ~ 8 in total
  • Rank 7 ~ Spy ~ 27 in total
  • Rank 8 ~ Space Navigator ~ 7 in total
  • Rank 9 ~ Space Fighter ~12 in total
  • Rank 10 ~ Space Explorer ~ 7 in total
  • Rank 11 ~ Space Pilot ~18 in total
  • Rank 12 ~ Entertainment ~ 37 in total
  • Rank 13 ~ Beauty ~ 20 in total
  • Rank 14 ~ Warrior ~ 284 in total

All the ranks are important but the most wanted one is Pharaoh because is the only one that allows you to build your Empire and take a shot at the Prize created for this collection.

At full mint 50 Goddesses will be awarded their identical twin on the ETH blockchain.

The distribution will be done in this order:

  • Pharaoh owners will receive automatically
  • x20 Queen owners will be chosen
  • x11 Princess will be chosen
  • x5 Leader will be chosen
  • Mind Hunter x1 will be chosen
  • Path Finder x1 will be chosen
  • Spy x1 will be chosen
  • Space Navigator x1 will be chosen
  • Space Fighter x1 will be chosen
  • Space Explorer x1 will be chosen
  • Space Pilot x1 will be chosen
  • Entertainment x1 will be chosen
  • Beauty x1 will be chosen
  • Warrior x1 will be chosen

To build an Empire you need to own or make alliances with other owners to gather the following:

  • Pharaoh ~ x1
  • Queen ~ minimum x12
  • Princess ~ minimum x25
  • Leaders ~ minimum x7
  • Mind Hunter ~ minimum x3
  • Path Finder ~ minimum x2
  • Spy ~ minimum x7
  • Space Navigator ~ minimum x2
  • Space Fighter ~minimum x3
  • Space Explorer ~ minimum x2
  • Space Pilot ~minimum x5
  • Entertainment ~ minimum x10
  • Beauty ~ minimum x5
  • Warrior ~ minimum x70


  • When the first Pharaoh is minted, the race starts.
  • The Battle lasts for 30 days.
  • At the end of the Battle, we check if any Empires have been built.
  • If nobody managed to build an Empire the Battle is extended another 30 days. And repeat.
  • If one or more Empires are built they will share the PRIZE pool.
  • You are allowed to mint your own Empire. Even though we would prefer alliances.
  • You are allowed to recruit other minters to join your Empire.
  • Like in every Empire building you are allowed to sabotage your competitors, by stopping them to have enough forces to build their Empire.
  • Please keep it a healthy competition and let’s have some fun minting.


  • Winning the fight for power and dominance can bring the Empire 80 EGLD
  • If your Pharaoh has the only Empire at the end of the 30 days Battle, your coalition gets the full prize.
  • If other Empires are built then the prize is shared


  • WL mint price 0.65 EGLD
  • x10 per wallet limit
  • Public mint price 0.85 EGLD
  • No limits
  • Minting date 31/03

For more details join our discord and check for the dedicated channel ~ click here ~

You can grab your WL by joining our Crew3 ~click here~

Sneak Peek of what is coming ~click here~

Let the Empire building begin ⚔🌍⚔

Staking Pool now active for Goddess ~ https://marketplace.artcpaclub.com/staking/nft/12