ArtCPAclub ecosystem

Since we started our journey our ecosystem has grown exponentially and we thought it would be useful to have a quick guide through our NFT collections and dApps. To mention this is not in any way financial advice or a request to purchase, it’s been merely designed to help you navigate our ecosystem and get the necessary information.

So far on our journey:

Our journey in MultiversX blockchain started with the Earth Spirits collection. Our first 100 NFTs collection, where each NFT has been created individually, came to life in February 2022. The author used images from places he visited and AI to create a new concept of NFT, full of color and life. The collection comes with lifetime benefits and inspires good vibes in those that gaze upon it.

Earth Spirits collection explained in detail ~

Earth Spirits collection is verified and can be found on:

Earth Spirits NFTs can be:

Our second collection launched on MultiversX is Community. Packed with experience and added an extra benefit to every NFT from this powerful collection. Every NFT has allocated a tier and at first purchase(from the owner “@cipff”) comes with our CPA token.

Community collection explained in detail ~

Tiers still available:

  • 1st ~1NFT+$CPA 50000 for 3 EGLD~
  • 3rd ~1NFT+$CPA 200000 for 8 EGLD~

Community collection is verified and can be found on:

Community NFTs can be:

The third collection is called ArtCPAclub Founders and is dedicated to our supporters. The first mintable collection with 5000 NFTs at full mint, the Founders collection is packing the most benefits in our ecosystem. Owners of Founders collection have the first seat in our ecosystem and are considered part of our family.

Founders collection explained in detail ~

Founders collection is verified and can be found on:

Founders NFTs can be:

WomenDaySpecial is our 4th collection. Exclusively created to celebrate women’s day, this collection has only 8 NFTs.

WomenDaySpecial explained in detail ~

WomenDaySpecial collection is verified and can be found on:

WomenDaySpecial NFTs can be:

  • Bought/Sold on secondary marketplaces

Sea Creation is our 5th collection and our first foot set on ETH blockchain. The collection is still open and can be found on OpenSea. Sea Creation is a collection of 100 unique creations designed to remind us that myths are present in human history and development. Using AI, images, and drawings inspired by places I visited and experienced the local myths and legends.

Sea Creation collection can be found on:

Sea Creation NFTs can be:

  • Bought/Sold on secondary marketplaces

GuardiansOfTheRealm is our 6th collection and brings a breath of fresh air, a new concept, and a new artist in our team. Peter Orojan is our first discovery and his ongoing collection surprises us all with every masterpiece brought to light.

More details about Peter Orojan ~

GuardiansOfTheRealm collection explained ~

GuardiansOfTheRealm collection is verified and can be found on:

GuardiansOfTheRealml NFTs can be:

CPA Golden is our 7th collection. The CPA Golden collection is part of our Founders series and comes with a packed set of benefits. 1500 NFTs in total, are designed to pack benefits in every NFT for our ecosystem today and for the future.

CPA Golden collection explained ~

CPA Golden collection is verified and can be found on:

CPA Golden NFTs can be:

CPA Councilor is our 8th collection. This collection is dedicated to our council members. The NFTs from this collection are personalized and cannot be found on the markets. Cannot be bought, they are minted and awarded to our council members.

Councilor collection explained ~

Goddess is our 9th collection launched on the MultiversX blockchain. A totally new concept and ideology behind it was brought to us by a new addition to the team. Spawny used AI to bring to life 601 beauties, new blood, a new concept, and a new pack of benefits. By far, our best-sold collection, Goddess raises the standards for NFTs using quality, vision, and motion.

Goddess collection explained ~

Goddess collection is verified and can be found on:

Goddess NFTs can be:

We hope this guide gives you a clearer picture of our ecosystem❤